National Support

National Support Enhances our Local Expertise.  Our national support team structure is new to the relocation appraising arena.  It begins with the use of our Efficiency Coordinators, (EC).  Each appraisal file is assigned to one of our experienced in-house professionals who are tasked with moving the process along. The EC assists both the transferee and the appraiser, by being the center point of contact in aiding to schedule an inspection appointment. They ensure the appraisal process is completed in a timely and efficient fashion and answer any questions that may arise along the way. Our staff of EC’s is comprised of former Relocation Coordinators and Reviewers who possess extensive experience with the relocation process, averaging over 15 years of relocation expertise. They help provide a level of service that sets our company apart from the rest.

Education is an Ongoing Pursuit.    While our talented appraisal offices are comprised of seasoned industry veterans, our philosophy focuses on providing an internal continuing education program well beyond the traditional state appraisal certifications.  All of our offices receive ongoing support from our national education team – not just updating them on appraisal trends, but trends specific to the relocation appraisal discipline.  This is an important distinction to a traditional continuing education program.

A True Understanding of the Relocation Process. To ensure we arrive at precise and fair values, we have our finger on the pulse of industry changes. Our national presence and relationships within the industry allows us to be “in the know” on all that is happening in the ever-changing world of relocation.  Our managment team is lead by an industry leader within the relocation appraisal sector.  We are continually imparting our vast knowledge and experience to all our team members to create superior appraisal talent in our offices throughout the country.